Hello, and thank you for taking a few minutes to read what I have to say and offer you and your buildings, fleets.

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Bruce Glover and I am the new owner of PJs Powerwashing.

PJs Powerwashing History on Vancouver Island

PJs Powerwashing began in 1986 and for a long time was the largest pressure washing fleet on Vancouver Island. We are proud to say that we are very good at what we do, servicing all sectors from Parksville to Sidney where are services are required. These services include:

These services include; but is not limited to:

  • Strata’s
  • Fleet washing
  • Commercial buildings
  • Low and high rise apartment buildings
  • Big box stores
  • Strip malls
  • Institutional buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Assembly lines
  • Mills
  • Bridges and,
  • Over-passes

My Journey taken-over Cowichan Valley’s PJs Powerwashing LTD.

I worked with the previous owner in 2013 and 2014 as part of my pre-purchase strategy, acquiring extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry. Since the complete management change July 2014, myself and its long-standing technicians have been working hard to re-capture PJs Powerwashing’s place at the top of our industry.

Some may think that Powerwashing is a simple service; well that is not the case. There is a vast disparity between those who are the best and those who think they are.

What Our Power Washing Company Stands For: ‘One Call Does All’

We at PJs take great pride in what we deliver and know that unless we are the best, we cannot remain in business. We invite you to give us a try for your future upcoming projects. Let us earn your business by being economically competitive and maintain it by being the best at what we do. All of us are well mannered, well trained and know how to speak with residents, tenants and building managers keeping them satisfied. That’s good business for both you and PJs!

We offer a complete service and can paint the exteriors after washing, seal concrete, line and curb painting etc. That complements our services further covering a broader spectrum making us a “One call does it all” service provider. I am driven, as is my staff to continue to improve and grow as the years go by embracing change and new technologies to remain at the top of our industry and would love to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

What We Currently Offer to South and North Vancouver Island Businesses

We offer the following and more;

  • Powerwashing hot and cold water applications both horizontal and flat surfaces, gum, graffiti and oil stain removal. We have an extensive range of equipment making us unique in our industry, from smaller units operating between 3-6gpm to our large units at 16gpm all with variable pressure to be able to wash any surface without causing damage. We can handle the big jobs easily, small jobs too and are capable of brining over three thousand gallons of our own water to any job! We can wash during water restrictions as we are exempt and can haul our own water!Dust free water-sand blasting to resurface concrete e.g. retaining walls, underground parking areas,
  • Dust free water-sand blasting to resurface concrete e.g. retaining walls, underground parking areas, exteriors that need a full renewal, or very large graffiti issues, we can fully strip paint off stucco, concrete, steel surfaces etc to permit a brand new coating not only extending the life of the renewed exterior by a decade or more beyond just repainting a surface and we can seal or paint the renewed surfaces changing the exterior appearance of complexes giving them a current modern appearance increasing the value tremendously.
  • We can clean out plugged drains using special tips using water which does not damage pipes, we can thaw frozen underground pipes when temperatures drop to abnormal lows. We can clean moss off roofs and apply treatments to extend the life of existing roofs. We have a strong relationship with the previous owner who offers snow removal and ice remediation.

I could go on and on with applications we can address. Just give us a try, call us or email us and invite us to participate in tenders along the services I have listed and please feel free to call me and ask if you are uncertain. I have decades of experience in construction and many in property management in general. I am always available to talk and help where I can even just as a consultant on how best to address a unique requirement. I want to make you look better by serving you the best way we can and maintaining a clean image for your properties.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please head over to our Contact Us page to get in touch or REQUEST A QUOTE today.

Bruce Glover

Owner, PJs Powerwashing


Work Safe Bc


Members of PWNA

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