We Specialize in:

  1. Mobile Fleet Power Washing
  2. Heavy Equipment Power Washing
  3. Commercial Property Power Washing
  4. Residential Property Power Washing
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Office Hours

WEEK DAYS:  09:00 – 17:00
SATURDAY:  Office Closed
SUNDAY:  Office Closed

Our office is closed on the weekends but our workers are cleaning in the field to get your job done for the new work week!


Truck Bay Washing
9401 Trans Canada Hwy, Chemainus, BC

Head Office
Vancouver Island, British Columbia
#2-9401 Trans Canada Highway, Chemainus

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Email: info@pjpowerwashing.com
Fax: 250-715-0745


We’ve had lots of rain this winter, this makes for an aggressive growth cycle of moss and mold,
especially after a very dry season last year.

We can properly clean from the roof to the ground better than anyone else. Our equipment is the largest and we use hot water reducing the use of detergents and minimizing the impact on OUR environment, WE CARE!

Call today for a free quote and if you hire us we will provide an external inspection of your home free and let you know if there are any areas where your home needs attention to help prevent potentially costly repairs!

We know our business best after 30 years of serving the Cowichan Valley, Central Island, South Island and Greater Victoria area.


Why Choose PJs Power Washing ltd.?

Because we have 38 years of power washing experience in the Cowichan Valley.

Our company provides the highest standards in power and pressure washing services on Vancouver island. We are centrally located in Duncan and Chemainus to meet your needs. Come to us and use our new “while you wait” truck bay wash or we can come to you, either way you can expect the same great service. Comprising of fleet washing, building exterior cleaning, and flat surfaces e.g. sidewalks, parking lots, tennis courts and some roof surfaces. We offer a mobile water treatment service which allows us to wash off oils, grease and other emulsified contaminants. 

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  • Only powerwashing with a mobile water treatment system on the island
  • Over 38 years servicing Vancouver Island
  • Capable of carrying 6000 gallons and recycle the water for those hard to access locations, giving us the ability to stay at your job site longer than any other company using our own water!

Your Company’s Current Fleet Washing Costs:

Most fleet owners waste thousands every year on fleet washing — don’t be one of them.

Labour subtotal (based on standard tax & insurance rates):

Chemical subtotal (based upon standard chemical usage rate):

Equipment Maintenance subtotal (based upon standard power usage and repair costs):

Revenue subtotal:

Your Company costs per Fleet Washing:

Your Company Costs per Year:

$352 Labour subtotal (based on standard tax & insurance rates)

$150 Chemical subtotal (based upon standard chemical usage rate)

$263 Equipment Maintenance subtotal (based upon standard power usage and repair costs)

$1,013 Revenue subtotal:



*prices based on a 25 truck fleet and washing bi-weekly

PJs Power Washing Services

Mobile Fleet Washing

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  • Semi-trucks
  • Delivery Trucks and Vans
  • Buses
  • Flat Decks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Tankers
  • Pneumatic Bulkers

Heavy Equipment

More →

  • Pre-Auction Cleaning and Mat Washing
  • Export Washing
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Food Services going to commercial 
  • Logistics to mobile
  • Petroleum to mobile
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing to commercial
  • Logging Equipment
  • Exportation
  • Boats

Commercial Property

More →

  • Factories, plants, warehouses, shopping centers
  • New construction, commercial buildings, residential/condominium projects
  • All surfaces
  • High traffic areas like storefronts and sidewalks

Residential Power Washing

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  • Exterior house
  • Sidewalks, steps, driveway
  • Decks, patio & fences
  • Gutter & roof
  • Paint preparation