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About PJs Powerwashing:
Leaders in the Power Washing Industry

PJ’s Powerwashing delivers the highest quality Pressure Wash Services consistently,
efficiently and in a cost efficient manner, enhancing the credibility and reputation of business in Canada.


P.J.’s Powerwashing will have operations across Vancouver Island offering quality reliable service, and will continue to be the leading image management service.

Value Statement

P.J.’s Powerwashing operates with high integrity, honesty, respect for both employees and customers, and pride in our work. We specializes in environmentally friendly power wash services for truck fleets, rail cars and property management sites providing clean company images. Through its experience and knowledge, P.J.’s thrives on excellence. We also gained extensive knowledge through its contacts in the Power Washers of North America organisation.

P.J.’s Powerwashing is an extraordinary business operation that is on the cutting edge of technology, addressing both customer needs and environmental safety. We have a strong emphasis on trust worthiness, reliability, cost effectiveness, consistency and efficiency.

Primary Organisation Goals:

  • Expansion of the existing services across the whole Vancouver Island.
  • Expansion of the existing management structure and sales staff to meet new demands.
  • Fostering an environment that promotes employee growth.

Environmentally Conscientious 

P.J.’s Powerwashing is proactive in setting standards for the industry. P.J.’s enhances the environment through an effective and efficient recovery of waste. We understand the proper use of hot water, and the appropriate use of chemicals. Keeping rigs clean inside and out is not only a matter of positive public relations – for food transportation companies; it is a very serious safety issue that is tightly regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The procedure for cleaning and proper sanitation of refrigeration trailers, tankers and other units used to transport food is explained in detail in the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) operations manual. Meeting or exceeding HACCP standards is not an option – it is the law.

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